Thursday, January 19, 2006

A room with a view....

Here is my view each day as I sit at my big oak jewellers inspiration wall! As a desk based designer, I find it really important to make sure that what I look at for hours each day is lovely, inspiring..and a tad escapist! The images are constantly evolving and being edited, but this is it today. I was hoping for a bright and sunny picture, but it is grey and drizzly here in Scotland..(lovely weather for being cosy indoors), so the photo is more 'atmospheric'!!
I have been working hard on some new stock over the last few days, in preparation for photographing my whole diffusion range and posting all the pics to Flickr (soon!), so after cutting and filing and was time to give my bench a bit of a sweep, and clear off all the silver dust so that I can start afresh tomorrow!
Below is a sneaky peak of some work in progress..silver outline earrings, waiting to be gold plated, carvings waiting to be varnished, set and strung with long strands of pearls and faceted smokey quartz to make necklaces! All the big antique faceted stones will become sparkling cocktail rings...all you need is a frock! :)

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natalie said...

great to see your inspiration wall...

I love Alison Watt's work, her paintings of textiles are like flowers

Looking forward to seeing your new range!