Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Goodbye January!!...

Goodbye January!!....hello February! And the chance to change the lovely is Camilla's illustration for this month?! I love this fellows little hat!

Although January has been a long and difficult month..I do feel as If I have accomplished a lot already in this new year...starting this blog has been great fun, and getting such positive feedback about my work has spurred me on no end! Work-wise it is shaping up to be quite a busy year..which is making me feel Yes! I can do this and make it work as my job...and I am really pleased with the way my Flickr 'catalogue' of work is shaping up..(I will of course still be adding new things as they get made!) I am not doing too badly with my New Year's resolutions one was to 'get online'...the other was to go to the cinema more (Brokeback Mountain...(amazing), Memoirs of a Geisha...(good)) harder :D..and I still just need to start learning to drive (although I have my application ready to go!). What have you all done/not done yet resolution wise??

I hope you have all had a productive January as well, despite the gloomy days..I am imagining so many of the blogging community turning the page on their beautiful Camilla Engman calendar today...all looking at the same image at the same time and feeling inspired. I can't wait to see what the next months will bring....?

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mav said...

what a lovely & refreshing post!
i too changed my Camilla calendar earlier this week and loved it. the Feb illustration is so fun, yes?

glad your work life & online life is picking up and it is so good to get to know you.

be well & happy february, mav