Saturday, March 18, 2006

5 Senses Friday (okay...saturday)...

Please forgive my slightly late post for 5 senses...I ended up staying the night in Edinburgh after my trip through yesterday, and have just got back home! we are...hope everyone has had a nice week as well.


Irish Soda Bread with runny honey and slightly salty butter....Salted Roast Almonds with drinks at Malmaison bar .....Bread and Butter pudding with caramelised banana and creme anglais...Strong and restorative Yorkshire tea...florally sweetness of Turkish Delight.


Wonderful paper package as part of a paper swap with Camilla ...Met Sharon yesterday and had a lovely long chat over coffee at The Museum of Scotland...Inside of Red Door gallery....Saturday Kitchen programme on BBC1....Snow, earlier in the week, deep and crisp and even :)


St Patricks day antics and hilarity...The silent swish of movements in unison at Tai Chi class....a mix CD from Shari ...the hum of my computer as I catalogued and invoiced orders...Laughter from my tiny great auntie who had me to stay....*Silence* as I had a few music free days....


Smoke in the bar (roll on the smoking ban!)....Diesel fumes from the buses in Edinburgh....Narcissi, crushed by the snow and then rescued and brought indoors.....Snow, the clean air....Coffee brewing in the morning today.


The chill of strands of pearls.....Crinkle of Tissue paper as I box up jewels....Cold water against linen as I printed doilies....Brand new crisp Filofax pages to help organise my life!....Paisley wool shawl, soft and warm.

Have a great weekend everyone...xox


Shari said...

hi there abigail!
i really love your post today and am so glad you contributed to 5 senses friday. i think my favorites are the taste...sounds so delicious and the touch...the pearls, the nice. hope you're having a nice day so far.

lisa s said...

hi there!

sorry i've missed the last 2 posts... travelling a bit!!

1 - CONGRATS on getting into that show! very exciting!!
2 - love love the pics of the new so pretty!!
3 - great 5 senses!!


Amanda Woodward said...

I've been slow at blogging & emailing, I apologize because I owe you an email back!!! I love how you described these things, they are wonderful, also, congrats on getting into a show! Shows are GREAT!!!

Abigail said...

Thanks girls :)...5 senses is such a nice opportunity to allow you to take the time to think about your week in simple, mostly non-work related terms..time for appreciating the good things in life really!

So Shari..the creator..thank you for it!!

Lisa..not to worry my dear! Hope you are having a fun time travelling around..sounds nice, and thanks so much :)

Amanda..I hear you! I am like that too this week..don't worry at all :), and thanks for the kind comments- glad you like the new pieces!!


mav said...

oooooh. so nice! i just love the necklaces so much. you are rolling with all of it. nice work gal! xo, mav

lindaharre said...

your words are as beautiful as your lovely to be talented in so many areas:) ~L.