Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Loose ends...

Today has been all about running errands, tying up loose ands and trying to 'accomplish' lots of things before Saturday comes (the big depart..). I trotted off to Ikea with a friend (and had lunch there), as I had to get a wee frame for my beloved target piece from Lisa..as my house is so dusty and dirty (130 years old with no double glazing!) I have to frame things..it always feels such a big decision framing something, as you don't want to offend the artist or completely bugger up the intended style of the piece...but I had to bite the bullet, and I think it looks good...and it contributes to the adornment of the sideboard! I also got a wee group of work back from a gallery..which will be re-diverted somewhere else in a few weeks....in the meantime, I am just finishing up on all my orders..and trying to get lots of jewels finished and oot.....

The bottom pic..as you may be able to guess..is a page from Mina Perhonen 'Print' book...which I am just LOVING! I am on-board the bandwagon, and riding it with glee..because these books are just SOOO good. I have posted some more images on Flickr from inside it's pretty depths, there will be more to come I am sure..but here are my the ones that most caught my fancy today......

On the link front...Matthew Drapers' work..showing at the Open Eye gallery, is perhaps the prettiest work I have ever seen done in Pastel! Quite traditional...but I like the colours, they seem very scottish and wintry!

I am trying VERY hard not to give this little fact house-room seeing as how my trip is looming...however, I must confess, I am feeling pretty damn ill. Yesterday a hell of a sore throat came on, and now I can hardly speak without severe pain! I am dreading this turning into a full blown cold..so am soldiering on, and stuffing myself full of vitamins, water, hot drinks, painkillers...etc etc. Double Dam to germs!!

Hope everyone is having a nice start to the week....:( xx


Shari said...

let the countdown to paris begin! oh! i do hope your sore throat will vanish. sounds like you're taking good care of yourself, though. much love. xx, shari

posy press said...

oy...feel better...must be tip-top for paris! :) amy

Marieke said...

Hope you get better soon! How long will you be in Paris? Exciting!

Katherine said...

I was at the Open Eye on Saturday, they are lovely works. I liked the Ian Hamilton Finlay exhibits too.

Hope you feel better for Paris, it's such a wonderful city. Haven't been for a couple of years but hope to go next year.

lisa s said...

oh no... don't get sick! get some oregano oil post haste!!!

i LOVE how you framed the piece. it's so great in that long frame - i would have never thought of that and i LOVE LOVE it!! [so not offended]

how excited are you? [other than feeling sick] you will keep us posted on your paris trip? or do we have to wait until you come back?

natalie said...

gah! sorry to hear about your cold...bad timing

A yoga teacher recommended gargling with propolis oil in water...she swears by it for getting rid of sore throats

I also love how you framed Lisa's drawing...the long frame works so well - you have a great eye

and Mina! i really need to get those books (saying it for months now)

Hoping the beauty in your world will stave off the cold

Abigail said...

Hello folks..thanks for all the well wishes! I need all the positive vibes I can get to pull off some master-stroke of wellness before the weekend!!

Shari & Amy..thanks so much girls :) hugs to you!

Marieke..One full week of bliss :)!!

Katherine..hey :)..yes, the open eye is a fab gallery, they always have the nicest things!

Lisa..so glad to hear you like the frame, ikea's finest you know! ;P ...I wish I had a laptop so I could post from Pairs, but alas..as I don't it will need to wait 'til I return, and then I will do a bumper post! I am also planning to keep quite a detailed daily journal, so as not to forget any details when I am there (I may draw in it as well!!)...I am hoping it will hold off the blog withdrawal symptoms...which I have not experienced as yet, but am anticipating! :)

Natalie..oh I will try that remedy..and Lisa's too, anything to help!! Yes, you must get Mina's books..I think you would really LOOOVE them. The one thing the photos don't convey is the size of the book itself, they are really quite small and dinky - super cute! :)

kisses xox

louise said...

Enjoy the countdown, and I hope you feel better!
Cheers, LJ

sharon whyte said...

just say no to bugs! they have no place in a pre-Paris body.

i must get those books. my new work has been influenced to a ridiculous degree by seeing all of the lovely mina book photos on flickr - i just can't get those images out of my head and they have taken root, not that i'm complaining!

i recommend lots of garlic and vinegar by the way - that always works for me.

Aurora said...

Oh my dear! What a shame! Sore throats are awful! Sleep, rest, rest more, and definitely don't speak a word of it to anyone! Maybe even bring a little notebook everywhere with you so that you don't have to talk.

p.s. Beautiful frame! Very inspiring. Thank you.

tara said...

where did you get the Mina Perhonen books? any online links? would love any info on where to purchase...thanks!