Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reds, Pinks.....

Here is my last (and might I add late) post on colour...and what colours!! Red, Pink....yum. I am late with posting as yesterday was spent collecting my bargain-ous Vintage G-Plan sideboard. It doesn't look very styled at the moment (as I have yet to decide what to put on it)...and it is a bit crampt where it is, especially when my sofa gets pushed back in front of it..but, one-room living is not forever, and one day it will reside in front of a perfectly papered wall...*yay for eBay!*
My pink and red offerings for today are....books, in colour beloved vintage pink tin (from my gran again!)...and a beautiful fiberglas floral tray given to me a few years ago by my friend Jill (charity shop find queen!!)....I also adore purple, but in the fading (yet beautiful) evening sun..I couldn't get any good purple pics.
I have a bevy of beauty from flickr in the red and pink theme this evening...Autumn Colour , Ability , Cherry Blossom Tokyo , Untitled , Pink ....*sigh*
I also owe a HUGE thank you to the lovely Amy for the wonderful box of goodies she so kindly sent me..including a divine little celluloid leaf and a beautiful selection of her wonderful handmade Posy Press stationary! What a lovely surprise to come home to!! :)
Rena Tom of Rare Device very kindly sent me a photograph of my work on display at her store in New York...I am so thrilled with how it looks in the cabinet! So, thank you Rena!!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday all!! Xox


lisa s said...

so exciting about rare device and your SIDEBOARD.... jealous? yes!

also there is something so lovely about your photos... a perfect blend of old and new.... vintage/modern appeal... i love that! xo


lots of good news today.. I could finally see that sideboard of yours! yay again for ebay!

I love to see all the beautiful colors you have in your house, and they are all arranged in color themes on every posts. It's just so delightful to check them out here everyday. Thanks for sharing, abigail!

congrats on your items being displayed in NY! that is so cool!!!

Marieke said...

Beautiful package, sideboard pictures and shop display! Everything looks so nice! Jealous ;-)

posy press said...

So glad you like everything!
Seems like it took forever to get there!
Your stuff looks great at Rare Device, welcome to the country! ;)
The sideboard looks awesome...I bet you are having a blast styling.
Happy Monday ~

Karen said...

YAY Abigail for being in a store and your gorgeous side-board!

It's so exciting and I am super excited and proud for you!

shash said...

ah, more loveliness. i love how all your color photos from the week go together in their style. love all the florals and patterns and old timeyness.