Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At Home..

A picture taken at dusk as I was flying into Glasgow after my trip....It was almost dark in London when we left, but we followed the sun all the way north and it was still more light when we arrived than when we departed down south..amazing. The river snaking through the picture is the Clyde, which runs through the city. A welcome sight!

I have been (and will be) working, working ,working hard!....I have so much to do for One Year On, so much jewellery to make, so much press material to prepare! My head is spinning..and despite planning I still feel a bit wooly as to what to do first and where to start. Scary. Very.

So, just a short post for this evening as I must plough on. Hope alls well where you are, and as sunny and warm as it is here in bonny Glasgow....happy Wednesday to you :) xox


Julie said...

Lovely picture - very calming.
Your year ahead sounds very exciting!! Enjoy!

lisa s said...

happy wed to you too....

i know the feeling of so much work to do.... wishing you well!

Marieke said...

Good luck working so hard! I am wearing your earrings almost everyday and get loads of compliments ;-)

Shari said...

pretty photo abigail! i know it must be overwhelming at times...all that preparation! but you can do it girl! just be sure to give yourself little breaks here and there.


cally said...

I never knew about the light in the North till I went to another country and it got dark at 8pm instead of 10pm.

Just a note to say
a) good luck with your hard work for one year on, you'll have a great show, I know it.

b) I had a computer problem yesterday (well, it's ongoing really) so my post about the Edinburgh Degree Show has only just gone up today. If you can make teh Edinburgh Show maybe we can come through to the Galsgow Show, or all do both.