Thursday, May 25, 2006

How time flies....

..When you are busy working!!.....chop, chop, file, file.....and nothing much interesting to post about, sorry for the unexpected absence! I have been working on a new pattern, which is well on it's way now...and I am about to start painting it up {trying to decide on colours} finally. Here is a sneaky peak as to what the leaves look like. It is based on all the new spring horse chestnut leaves that are coming out this time of year..drooping and hanging in clusters with the feathery blossoms standing proudly above. I will share the pattern soon...:) I am pleased to be doing some new designing brings more balance to work life, as you feel that excitement and unsure-ness again, which is nice....I love having the time to devote to fact, I love it most of all!!

Now...a huge *thank you* to the lovely Marieke of Treats and Treasures fame who sent me this wonderful parcel of paper and fabric goodness....such beauty and part of our wee swap! {aren't swaps just the BEST!?}...she included some origami papers, vintage floral cards, old postcards, buttons and pretty stamps....some of everything!! I have just got her parcel ready to go as off to the post office tomorrow with me!

I have just given a huge batch of work to the have until Tuesday to fill my time with other things. I will do some ivory carving tomorrow, big complicated ones {eek}, and maybe start laying down the pattern in paint...and I have the place to myself tomorrow night, so maybe a good film too! I will be posting over the next few I plan to have stuff to show that won't bore folk to tears...haha! ;)

Have a fab evening friends, xox

ps, please check out this beauty from the3robbers on


jenny vorwaller said...

im glad you have time to dedicate to pattern too! :) more lovelies by you out in to the world!!

and wow! all those goodies!!

whoa. i totally added 3robbers as a contact, amazing.


lisa s said...

you are NEVER boring.... my fine patterned friend....

can't wait to see your latest and the 3robbers. wow.

lisa s said...

you are NEVER boring.... my fine patterned friend....

can't wait to see your latest and the 3robbers. wow.

Marieke said...

You are so welcome, Abigail, Can't wait to see the lovely leaves finished!

And the work of the 3robbers is great. Haven't done thinner transfers for such a long time but it gives the most dreamy pictures. Thanks for the link!


beautiful package you got there, abigail. :) and that 3robbers work are really something. Beautiful!

simple me said...

Hi Abigail,
I love horse chestnut leaves. Even today I saw one on the ground and thought to myself that I need to use them for my skirts.
And how they look great on your work.
The papers and cards you received are are very inspirational too.
I like the vintage floral cards the best.
Thanks for the link to the3robbers on flickr. I just love this sort of prints and I wish I could learn how to do these transfers.
Have a nice day.
Paula :)
ps: listening to the girl from Ipanema by Carlos Jobim at the moment(if you don't know it already it is very relaxing and resemble cool summer nights).

Julie said...

I love reading your blog - so fresh and interesting and lovely work!!
The swap package looks wonderful!!

Caty said...

I have miscellaneous to give......:) and I like to send posal art.Some exchange?

Shari said...

hi abigail!
boring? impossible!! i always look forward to your posts. these new leaves are so lovely and i'm very excited to see your new pattern, too. the 3robbers link is amazing. wow! what film are you thinking of watching? we have been watching (or trying to watch) everything is illuminated but there is something awry with the disc. xo! shari

Jessica said...

They look fantastic, I love seeing things in progress. Lucky swapper you are!