Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sleepy Saturday..

Oh, a busy few days! Yesterday I flew down to London for my training day to prepare me for 'One Year On' it was a very long day 6.30am till 11.00pm...and boy I am tired!! Cheapo (or not so cheap in this case!) Easyjet flights sure ain't comfy, and it was so HOT down south, and I was dressed for a Scottish chill... is one of my favourite pictures that I took in Paris. I found this huge archway down a wee backstreet (near the Seine, and the Musee D'Orsay) after we had got off the train returning from Versailles Palace (great public transport in Paris btw!!!)..I love the carvings and the detail, so majestic and beautiful..*beam*

A wee link for the day to a lovely lady I have just been in contact with via the wonders of blog-land. Michelle Caplan makes beautiful artwork from collaged vintage ephemera..very delicate and lovely, and with just the right touch of romance (which I am so in the mood for {visually ;P} after Paris!)...her website is here, and she also has a blog and an etsy check them out if you too are in the mood for some seriously pretty inspiration :) !

I was going to catch up today with my five senses post...but as the title of this post suggests I am just too darn sleepy (and stiff) to sit in front of the comp for much longer tonight. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far....hope everyone enjoys their Sunday lie-in, I know I will!!



jenny vorwaller said...

((maybe some prints from your paris adventure will show up in your etsy shoppe? ;))

michelle's work is lovely! i just read about her from decor8 blog, i love that some of her materials date back to the 1900s, so lovely!

hope you get some nice rest! ;)

Shari said...

hope your training went well. what a lovely arch. makes me's so wonderful. rest up tomorrow. thanks for the link to michelle's blog and etsy shop. looking forward to checking it out.


Marieke said...

Hope you got some rest! Photo looks great - you should think of doing something with that true, like Jenny suggests :-)

lisa s said...

hello! hope you got a lot of rest today!

great photo....