Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My Grey for the only Paris can offer it, in various hues of smokey taupe, slate, charcoal, and dove...I do like grey {taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe}..... !

My first post for Whip-Up is finally up....yay :)


Shari said...

abigail, hi!
i am SO enchanted by this photo. i really love it. beautiful beautiful parisian gray! congrats on your first whip-up post. i'm looking forward to reading it. my gray day has suddenly turned sunny so i'm off to take some photos. much love, s.

Julie said...

I adore this photo. And your brown one. Beautiful.

bugheart said...

what a lovely
it lookks
out of
a wonderful
children's book!

simple me said...

This image is very interesting because it's like a paint and it's mistical...I love it!
paula :)

Rosa Marrero said...

me encanta esta foto. hmmm, quiero visitar ParĂ­s...