Thursday, June 08, 2006

Paper cuts....

Paper cuts....the good kind! This image is from the new issue of Vogue where many artists and celebrity-types were asked to make a piece of art representing fashion. This beautiful dress is by the paper artist {and illustrator I guess} Robert Ryan....and it is really amazing. So delicate, the change in scale of the detailing...the text combined with the imagery...just lovely! I think I have actually seen his work around and about a few times but have maybe confused it with Tord Boontje the paper cut maestro...but the main difference between the two is the inclusion of text from Ryan, and the more free narrative content, as opposed to the repetitive pattern work from Boontje. I really love them both, and am always inspired by any art that has it's roots {stylistically} in folk style illustration and decoration....{tomorrow I will show you an image by another artist from the same shoot that I love as well!}

Here is just a tiny pic of a little set of brooches I am working on for the show....a set of three {they will be a trio of carvings} that can be positioned all together in any formation by the wearer or worn singly if preferred. Trying to involve the wearer in the creation and placement of pattern....:)

Okay...back to the bench, more to do,

till tomorrow, xox


Julie said...

I also love Tord Boontje's work!
I really like the idea of involving the wearer in the creation!

gracia said...

I love your latest trio, so very beautiful.... and I like the idea of choosing your own placement, very pleasingly reminiscent of a grown up version of a "Choose your own adventure" novel. It also reminds me of brooches I have seen that have all the beauty on the reverse side, the side which faces the fabric, a little special treat only for the owner, with the smooth back facing the world.
Wonderful as always!
cheers, grache

Shari said...

i love the papercut dress and i can't wait to explore the links. your new brooch trio is fab. involving the wearer is such a cool idea. hugs! shari

Meg said...

Wow, that trio is fantastic, as is how you are involving the wearer! I wish I could see your show! Megxx

simple me said...

Thanks so much for these two inpirational names, which I didn't know about. I've added their sites to my favourites so I can have a better look later but I'm already attracted by the images.
I love your idea of having brooches in sets. That's the way I like to wear them...2 or 3 at the same time...sometimes different colours of the same.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Paula :)

mati rose said...

beautiful dress! love.

joy said...

wow! that paper cut dress is amazing! thanks for the image!

Anabel said...

I love the that paper cut dress form vogue too... And your new brooch will be so beautiful!