Monday, June 12, 2006


I guess there is no true light without dark........?

A quick stop today for a cup of really good coffee... {plus some homemade vanilla sugar}, mmmm. I really don't have much white around me...I don't wear it {doesn't suit me}, and I don't have any white rooms, or things...just the matt chalky-ness of the crockery I so love.....

A little announcement....I have been asked to join Whip-Up , and am now their newest contributor...I will be covering the topic of jewellery..the happenings in the jewellery world, design and event wise {including many jewellers profiles/work who you may and may not of already heard of}...good suppliers to use, and tooling advice and information on materials alongwith some jewellery making tutorials! I will let you know when new posts are up..and I hope you enjoy them! {I think the fist one should be up tomorrow!}

Bon Monday! xox


Shari said...

beautiful photo. vanilla sugar with a good cup of coffee. sounds like a lovely afternoon. you know, i don't have much white in my home either hence my lame bathroom shot. ha ha. :P hugs to you my dear! xo, shari ps: a little postcard is on its way to you as i type. pps: you know i'm THRILLED about you being the newest whip-up contributor.

erin scissorhands said...

mmmm, sounds tastey! im excited about you being the newest whip-up contributor! i cant wait to read the new stuff!

natalie said...

oooh makes me want to drink coffee - but it is nearly midnight!

Looking forward to your whip-up posts!

Marieke said...

Congrats on your new "job" - look forward to your posts!

sharon whyte said...

Oh that's wonderful Abigail! What a great announcement.

The pic is lovely - the coffee colour against the white is just one of those things that triggers the senses - or maybe that's because I'm a coffee lover. Do non-coffee people feel the same? I love tea too, and the sight of tea in a pretty china cup would affect me too but in a different way. I've never had vanilla sugar - am I missing something really amazing? I suspect this might be the case :)

Manuchao said...

Congratulations on Whip Up!

simple me said...

Great! Looking forward to your whip-up contributions. I'm very interested in jewellery and its processes.
Such lovely picture! I love the light and the contrasts in it.
Have a good day.
paula :)

abby said...

Lovely photo!
Congrats on the "Whip-up" deal. I am so behind-I've been slacking on reading that blog-I need to get on it! Good luck on your first post.

bugheart said...

so lovely
in white.
can't wait
to read
your postings
on whip-up!