Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Right....that's me almost there really. I got a lot of stringing done tomorrow, just some setting of the ivories, pushing over of claws..parceling up, and posting off. {It is scary, however..just how long those little things take, so perhaps I will get up really early just to make sure it all goes okay??} This bevy of jewels is off to Red Barn Gallery in Cumbria tomorrow {they don't have a website..}...and it will show there for a month. step closer to holiday time!

Linky goodness wise.. I love these prints {first 4 images} in Hygge. And I found out that the artist Sanna Annukka designed the cover of Keanes' latest album Under the Iron Sea this great interview with Sanna where she talks about her inspirations behind her art. I REALLY love Scandi-folk style art/pattern etc..{Russian folk art too come to that..} so really love where her ideas are rooted.... I am also hoping that my cross-stitch sampler will have that kind of vibe??

Happy Wednesday!! is post know what comes next!!!???

xox PS..I have just found that Sanna has got up a holding page {soon to be a full website!} - Check it out!


clk said...

these photos make me sooooo happy.


Shari said...

oh my i love these photos!!! :) so beautiful. congrats on being done with an order. hooray! i also loved the art link. 100 means you've been initiated into the club i think. celebrations all around. xoxo s

lisa s said...

oh golly look at all the lovlies [and your toes!]

you are so so close! congrats!

ManuChao said...

loving see all your different pieces there together. congratulations on almost being done!

Karen said...

OMG - It's eye candy overload! They are SO gorgeous! Great job, Abigail!

Marieke said...

What a great collection! And thanks so much for the links. I looked at the Keane album cover several times thinking I loved the design.

cindy said...

congrats, abigail on all your hard work. the pieces look stunning. i wish i could see the show in the gallery.

livefromthebluekitchen said...

wow abigail, you seem to have achieved so much this summer - makes me feel ashamed of my output. and it's just so lovely too.

those prints were lovely, i especially liked the bears :)


Camilla Engman said...

Your work look fantastic!
Have a wonderful time in France.

nesty said...

i loved the bears print too & really enjoyed the links...must check out hygge next time i'm in london :)

as for your work, it's truly beautiful. you must be v proud of yourself for creating such a wonderful collection & it sure looks lovely on the brown paper! how nice to be seeing the light at last.

looking forward to post100 :) x K


amazing work! I can't imagine the hours you put for all those beautiful pieces.

and thanks for sanna's link. I'll watch out for it. Have a nice weekend, abigail!

Abigail said...

Claire...ditto right back atcha :) - you are such a sweetie :)

Shari..Yay, finally..and here was me thinking I was going to have to do some odd initation Mason stylee ...I am *beaming* to be in the club with you all!!thanks for all your support my dear :)

Lisa..thank you sweet one! Yes, the toes need doing again for the holidays already, but they sneaked in to shot before they began to look to shabby.. ;D

Manuchao...thanks SO much, really glad you like them, it's good to lay them all out every once in a while!!

Karen...haha! Thank you!

Marieke..Yes, I loved it too..and was so pleased to find out it was by her! Glad you enjoyed the links..

Cindy...Thank you so much! I'm not even going to see this one myself...France calls! :))))

Sharon....hehe..I have only been working like such a Trojan to get everything finsished so i can take a holiday {3 1/2 weeks off in the next three months!!} so it's not that much really! At least you have the legitimate reason of the festival as a destraction...does Neighbors count?? :)

Camilla..Thank you! I will...thanks for stopping by my dear!

Nesty..indeed, the light..oh so bright! Thank you so much for all your kind sweet of you!..and yes,I must check out hygge when I am down next too!!

Imelda...*smile*..thanks so much. Yes, long hours..but when lovelies liek yourself like them,it makes it all worth-while!! Glad you enjoyed the link :)


Abigail said...
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elly yap said...

hi, i was surfing through and suddenly came across your gorgeous blog.

just wanted to say congratulations, everything looks so exquisite! :}