Monday, February 26, 2007

Outline and Underline...

At the bench today - piercing outlines from sheet silver and tending to my diary and to-do lists - carefully underlining and highlighting what is to be done this week, and in what order. Drinking some black coffee from a small handmade cup I have had most of my life, slightly sweetened, to ease me in to looking forward to the delights in store for me next week. Paris and her wonderful charms.

Sublime styling from Nygårds Anna...thanks camilla!

Hands up who wants to see this Gilbert and George exhibition... {I sure do}

I dream of Toast

Happy Monday everyone! xox

ps - forgot to mention last week, a new post on whip-up about Arthur Hash and his jewellery installations :)


shari said...

hi a!

that is the sweetest little coffee cup. i love it. i dream of toast too. :) hugs, shari

lisa s said...

my hand is raised!

can i meet you in paris too??

cruststation said...

Love the photo, you went to the beach? Wonderful. I love the gypsy fashion and styling, gorgeous photography. Heart the Toast collection, simple lines and gorgeous fabrics.

erin scissorhands said...

thanks for pointing out "toast"--i ordered a catalogue :)

jennifer | creatingfromscratch said...

i am truly scared as toast is about to open a shop literally five minutes from my house. gulp.