Friday, February 09, 2007


Yes, I feel that at this time of year it is like you are constantly walking uphill all the time...lots to do - time slipping away - stressful work situations that seem to conspire not to be resolved!

But, I am finally back into blogger so that is one thing off the list for now ;)) - do you like my new ribbon {for packaging}? is a bit stronger than in the photo. A lovely fresh chartreuse.

I went for a really nice long walk yesterday - it was cold, but nice..refreshing. I didn't take my camera because sometimes you just want to be lighter. It has really cleared up here - much brighter, blue skies. Lovely. We don't have any of the snow the whole of the UK is going crazy over. I love each winter how we get a few inches of snow and ground to a halt. It's so funny because people in other countries always think the UK is cold...;)))

Whilst out for my walk yesterday, I got a great bargain - a juicer machine [which I then had to carry home] !! I am trying to get it all set up today..and can't wait to get juicing. I have some great recipes!! - I will try and share some over the weekend :)

have a great evening! xox


Shari said...

hi there.
i went for a nice brisk walk yesterday too. how wonderful that while you were out you stumbled upon a treasure. a juicer sounds like just the ticket. can't wait to see what you make! will you be trying recipes from the innocent drink book? xoxo shari

cindy said...

the walk and juicer sound nice.
people always think we are freezing buried under snow here to. while it's true for most of canada, not here on the mild west coast.

meg said...

i hope that stress eases up soon! i feel your pain... hang in there! megxx

cruststation said...

No snow here yet either, at least not heavy. MMmmm a juicer, I love fresh juices, nothing beats a freshly squeezed fruit mix.

lisa s said...

fresh juice and green ribbon! woot!

no more pink, huh? ;)

lena said...

walking up hill... that's exactly how i feel too. such a good way of putting it... just have to take it one day at a time i guess!

ambika said...

Lovely ribbon. I've recently fallen in love with ribbon as a means of covering messy seams (I'm still such a novice sewer.) This green is just perfect for the many projects I have in mind.