Friday, June 08, 2007

structurer et apparences | structure and appearances...

...having been thinking some more on what I posted about a few days ago - [working creatively more online, rather than putting pen to paper as much..or printing images out - on that note : I so enjoyed reading your responses, I think we all agree that our love of 'online' will not deminish, but know nothing will ever replace the feel of that magazine, or the turn of that sketchbook page!!] - and so I wandered onto thinking about structure, and appearances.

Does something contrived have more or less structure than something haphazard...? Thinking on natural structure versus you structure your day even, your time -yourself - your relationships....I guess so often, structure adds value...meaning even?

I wonder :: Can Structure [you create] ever have the same kind of charm as something natural, something haphazard?? Can you get there? mmm?.....just don't mind me, thinking out loud ;))

Links for the weekend!!

After reading this article in the NY Times I went and checked out Subversive Jewelry and I love, love the site! *So* fun to navigate :)

Flickr faves this week...

:: Imb├ęcile by m-ilie

:: me? #6 by Ta

:: urban flowers by lejson

:: wrapped by uniform studio

:: . by .mal.

:: paperscrap by Camilla E much goodness to look at! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


ps - not sure if I got the French right here....but, my classes start sooooon so it should improve!!!


Camilla Engman said...

I think that nothing can be as perfect and beautiful as the nature it self. But when you make something with it, not trying to replicate it or show how beautiful it is, you put something from yourself in it, something from your life, your time, your interpretion. Then you've got something completely different and hopefully good and beautiful.

Thanks for the link :)
Have a wonderful weekend. I will e-mail I promise, again...

lisa s said...

i love your photo.... so much... can't wait to check out subversive [link not working right at this moment]

your words definitely hit home!

AND... i wish i could take you with me on my trip. in spirit.... XOXO

UNIFORM Studio said...

for me when a work can frame nature in a way that makes us me it as new or in a new way - that is when it is most powerful.
I am honored to be on your links this week:) Have a happy weekend.

sharon said...

I think our response to nature is something that is beautiful in its own right, and does not compete with nature. The very fact that we as humans feel compelled to enter into a dialogue with nature in this way is perhaps where the beauty lies, and what we produce as a result of that is not therefore something to be judged in the same terms. It's telling I think that some of the most popular art that takes nature as its inspiration is often the least accurately representative, or it takes the subject into an unfamiliar context. I often find myself being drawn into discussions with people about intentionality - usually when people look at a piece of art and say 'but anyone could do that' and I say 'perhaps, but they didn't, this person did' and they also spent time with their inspiration and their subject matter and they spent time working on how they could do it justice etc etc etc and in that sense I think 'structure' matters, in as much as it's what makes a piece of art something you can call art and not an accident - even although there are many beautiful accidents as well and they can be just as nice to look at.

I love that you posted this on your blog, it's good to talk about these things.

S x