Friday, July 06, 2007

couturière | dressmaker...

I am so glad Friday is here friends....and with it, my post over on the Ship of Fools bookclub, focussing on the poem 'Dressmaker'. I couldn't resist digging out the vintage pin tin and measuring tape in homage....any excuse to capture their utilitarian beauty, I say!
Friday flickr faves...
:: Jachenau by fabianmohr
:: reflecting on orchids by Supercapacity
:: Scarlett by photo-geek
:: untitled by sweet mav
:: brunch club by irissham
Something for the weekend....Melanie Bilenker jewellery, with this programme, Paris is where I am every Tuesday night, new edition of, and all new website for RubyMag!, Ping Mag {I love this!} , beauty from Coe and Waito .....that should keep you going for a while! :)
My French lessons [2 x 3 hour sessions] went well this week...and I am really pleased to have already got my numbers [1-100] down, along with some other bits and pieces [but the number are the biggie for me this week...imagine now, when I ask the price of something at the flea-markets, I will be able to understand the reply!! Roll on August please.]..... lots of lists, jotters and self testing has been going on. It feels funny to be back at 'school' ;)
Thanks so much for all your kind words of support this week, through the blog and emails, both about the new pieces and the troubles in Glasgow. It means a lot to me.
Happy weekend everyone.


shari said...

hi sweet a!
i adore this photo pair and so perfect for the ship o' fools post. wonderful links today. so fun to hear of your french studies, too. hope you have the best weekend possible. hugs and kisses!

Katherine said...

Thanks for reminding me about the website that goes with the Paris website. I've really been enjoying the series and just sent off for the magazine. Unfortunately we probably won't get to Paris for my 30th in November as we have to spend money on moving house, but definitely next year!

melanie said...

I'm hoping to take some french lessons myself soon. Being in Canada it is a little hard to get over to Paris when ever I want though. I'm also hoping to read the Joan Didion book and join in the discussion on the Ship of Fools book club. I was writing book reviews for my city newspaper for a long time but that has ended and I am looking forward to reading the books I WANT to read!

Lola is Beauty said...

oh I have that pin tin as well! Maybe everyone has one, I don't know, but I've always loved it too...