Monday, September 24, 2007

temps | time..

Time is not my pal right I will be ducking out of here for a few days to catch up and focus in - but will be back toward the end of the week :)
On the theme of lacking time...I am well and truly sticking my tongue out to it anyway, and going to the cinema this afternoon to see Atonement which I am looking forward to a lot. The photo above is from my morning walk...such a beautiful silvery lilac colour in the rain....
Happy Monday -
see you back here soon friends,
ps - thank you so much for all your kind comments on the new pieces...I am shipping out all my orders today and tomorrow!


kelly said...

happy monday! enjoy the film...i can't wait to see it myself but i'm only about 1/2way through the book + am determined to finish it before i head to the pictures. of course there's no avoiding the press so i've kind of got a vision of the actors as the characters in my mind (james mcavoy? no bad thing i suppose!) how gorgeous is that green dress worn by kk? look forward to hearing your thoughts on it : )

love the photo...what a beautiful colour. makes the rain a little sweeter! have a good week + i hope time is kind to you! x

p.s. super excited about my earrings!!!

lisa s said...

you and me both - wonder how we can woo time....

louise said...

Enjoy the movie. I think going to the cinema is one of the better ways to spend time.

shari said...

silvery lilac = beauty. wow. how was the film? xx