Monday, February 04, 2008

a few thanks...

Some beautiful treats arrived my way a few weeks back...and I wanted to share their lovliness with you all here. Above, is a beautiful print from Åsa Dahlbäck whose work I had seen on various blogs around and just fallen in love with....this piece makes me so happy. Thank you Åsa!

And there is more...around Christmas time, the lovely Renee at Monmartre's Sketchbook sent me the most wonderful parcel of addition to some of her beautiful hand-printed paper goodies {some pink peppercorn chocolate, and a few other lovelies!} came this book....The Poems of Dr. Zhivago. {already good, right!?}....she found it in a little vintage shop and said it reminded her of my work - I was so touched and am just head over heels for the amazing illustrations, wonderful sepia tones - and of course, the poetry. Dr Zhivago is so dreamy normally.....I am having a hard time not just packing my bags and running off to Russia right now, furry bonnet in hand ;)) Thanks so much Renee, I love it!
Now that I am done with my tales of luck and good fortune, I guess I should get down to the week ahead. I am going to be beginning flat hunting in earnest...have a bit of work to do as well, as always, and am going to try and move towards another weekend enitrely off, like the one I just had. It was so good to not work for two days straight! However, the lazy feeling has spilled over into today {but that's alright}'s cold and bright, and I don't have to be anywhere, so relaxing and pottering are the tasks de jour.
Happy Monday all, have a good one!


kelly said...

lovely lovely treats abigail. that book looks amazing! + peppercorn chocolate sounds intriguing : )

glad your week is off to a comfy start. it's great that you are making time for yourself at important to recharge. a flat hunting adventure sounds exciting. looking forward to hearing how you get on.

wishing you a productive week ahead! x

lisa s said...

such lovely lovely stuff

jen said...

isn't real mail the absolute best?

annie said...

those illustrations in that book look so lovely! i wish i could see it in person!