Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer evenings...

A lovely eve at was had by all at Mhari's birthday party celebration {happy happy!}...and such a feast was prepared for us {thank you M + P!!}...what a nice way to toast mid-week too...!! Thank you kindly ;)

...other guests at the soiree included the lovely band members of Sparrow and the Workshop have a listen to their beautiful music, I am looking forward to seeing them live some time!

...some shots from the workshop tomorrow in store - I am also working on some little videos to show you sawing and such....till then,


lisa s said...

looks like a great evening!

Kharina said...

Hello Abigail. I received the beautiful necklace from Hairy. I almost cried. :)

Thanks for you amazing talent!

Janet said...

amazing light! captured so magically. Ahhh x

Fiona Walker said...

Hello Abigail,

I was inspired to set up my own blog after your lecture at DOJ. Your blog is always so pretty! I'm studying textile design and like the the trend magazine bloom, do you know if you can buy online.