Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Step by step...

At the bench today...sawing, planning, designing,, new, new. I got rather diverted in the last few weeks but hopefully am back on track and glad to be spending some time on these new pieces as I go...busy with lots of orders too. Busy is good! :)

Have been itching to work on these pieces involving the leaves I spotted a few weeks ago when out for a photo walk ...speaking of which, I am hoping to get out on another long one this week as I seem to be surrounded by a plethora of Hydrangeas and Lacecaps of every colour {changing by the day!} everywhere I look in the neighbourhood....Autumn really is in the air. I am looking forward to spotting the changes...! I am also ready to give up on really ain't coming, so roll on Fall...... ;)

**Applied Arts Scotland had started a new blog - def one to bookmark!

..oh! and I always mean to say {and always forget, till now!}...Post Secret is a highlight of my Sundays each weekend. It's such an extraordinary project, I would urge anyone to bookmark it!!

Happy Wednesday, xo


lisa s said...

i can just imagine all that sawing! i hope you got up and stretched!!!

L'Atelier said...

like the leaves- looking forward to photos of that walk.
we going into spring and am itching to do the same... since we had nasty storms for last couple of weeks it was out of the question.

louise said...

Your new work is looking gorgeous. The leaves you photographed are just beautiful, I can see why you found them so inspiring. xo lj

Karen said...

Happy Wednesday to you! I love seeing your work in progress... the thought process is incredible... fall is hitting us fast too :(

We Love Crafts said...

Hello! How are you? Finally we have edited welovecraftsmag:


Here your pictures: