Friday, December 05, 2008

Ahh Friday...

Isn't it nice to get to the end of the week? A Friday night always feels great...starting off the weekend with a glass of wine and the opening of Narrative with Mhari was just the ticket too...!

I'm almost there with the new bijoux, so will be photographing the collection tomorrow and getting it all in the shop too - so stay tuned! Another little sneak peek above... ;)

Flickr Friday faves :: Untitled :: Untitled :: Untitled 
{apparently dreamy blurry images with no-name are where I'm at!?}

More tomorrow!
have a lovely eve all,


Amanda Elizabeth said...

yay for Fridays!!!! Those pieces of jewelry look *stunning* and you totally deserve a glass of wine..or two!!!

L'Atelier said...

your bijoux looks amazing, looking forward to seeing the collection. you been really productive! hats off- i am getting distracted by the beach at the moment, and all the kind of stuff life brings along too- argh hopefully next week ill do better
oh i love your collection on untitled and blured pics, the middle one is my fave
nice weekend xoxoxo