Sunday, July 12, 2009

On a Sunday...

One should really be totally relaxing, but I have some work to do today.
Procrastinating, a little, is okay, I think ;)

I am eating a lot of rice crispies just now - too hot, and too tired to think about cooking, and still fascinated all these years later by the snap, crackle and pop! Admiring my new sandals...the old ones were on their last legs after getting a good two seasons bashing!

Drinking nice cups of tea out of this lovely cup that my boyfriends Mum sent me a few weeks ago - with all the flowers in bloom in my birth month. So lovely. It is her birthday today... so, a very Happy Birthday, Jacki! {xox :)}

...a little more progress on the summer rose necklaces, and some new colour graded faceted line ones too. I am *loving* these juicy gems!

Listen to this version of You've Got the Love by Florence and the Machine... {one of my very favourite songs of all time}... so good.

Bon weekend to all. xo


Vivienne Percy said...

Wow, these are simply gorgeous! Look forward to seeing these in the shop, they will not be available for long!!

Kirsty said...

Looks like a perfect sunday to me! :)

shari said...

all kinds of wonderful. i love those gemstones. xo

Poppy said...

Hey I found your website on Little Doodles and thought I'd take a peek!
Firstly, LOVE the sandals. And the cup has my namesake on, so what's not to love there? And I'm more of a Frosties gal, myself. I don't like milk, see, so I eat them dry.
Your jewellery is gorgeous too. I know you've got an etsy shop but do you ever sell on the english equivalent; folksy?
Anyway, sorry for the ramble!
- Poppy. =]
P.S. When I get my blog back up and running, I'd love to link back to here, if that's okay?