Saturday, August 15, 2009

Castle Ward Gardens...

...whilst taking a short wee break from the stand last weekend with the Mister, we found the walled Gardens at Castle Ward and were blown away. I felt like I had found a hidden paradise!

Formal Gardens of the utmost opulence, secluded spots, mature trees which towered above making you feel secluded and miles away from everything that was happening at the fair. Truly amazing...

I went back the next day with my camera to capture some inspiration, as the plants were all so lovely and in perfect bloom. I am so glad I did as the photos have informed a new pattern which we are both SO excited about!!

Plans and work are very much coming together for the new venture. We are getting nervous and excited to see everything be printed and get stuck in... but we will be able to reveal some bits very soon - so stay tuned and we shall re-direct you to the hub of all the new-ness!! ;)

Happy Saturday to all,

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Vivienne Percy said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always. How exciting to have a new pattern from this visit! Brilliant, can't wait to see that. Inspiration all around. Mum xx