Monday, August 03, 2009


Hi everyone... I've been spending a little bit of time over the last few days thinking about a display for a craft fair I am hopefully doing over in N. Ireland next weekend. Portable {!} display ideas have been whirling in my head... so I have been setting a few little ideas up in the workshop, seeing how things look - what would work... what to take?!

I like the idea of jewellery being accessible - and to have it presented in a similar way to my styling... a starkly lit jewellery case doesn't quite fit in with my aesthetic, so I am hoping I can rustle some things up that do! ;)

Hopefully going to be able to fit in going to see Coco, before Chanel tomorrow evening... and I am so excited - it looks fantastic. Audrey Tautou looks like perfection in this!

Happy Monday, all!


kelly said...

i love your work displayed in the wooden bowls...i give the test a 10/10! if only we were over there i'd be sure to come along. where is the fair?

and audrey...sigh...she who can do no wrong. we too are really looking forward to seeing the film. me and ciaran both have crushes on her!

happy monday to you too Xx

Jane Flanagan said...

Everything looks so pretty! I'm sure the fair-goers will be dazzled!

paulhenri said...

love your set-up.... it's very you!

Di (not Dee) said...

I was thinking, BEFORE I read the text, that you display each piece on the table so beautifully... the textures, colors, composition... And then I read the text, which made it just perfect.

How was the movie?