Monday, October 05, 2009

Irish Linen Galore...

Well, as you may have guessed from my almost week of silence I am over in Belfast and we have been working our socks off on the new homewares!

Sourcing fabric, speaking with printers, making prototypes - as well as all the other bits and pieces that sneak into the spaces between...

Today was a really exciting day for us - we finally managed to source our Irish Linen for the backing to our scatter cushions, and are delighted to be working with a fantastic company who has been working and weaving in Northern Ireland for over 40 years. The quality is amazing, and the staff were unbelieveable wonderful to work with... we are so happy to be able to support {even in our tiny way} local industry and have the most luxurious of products to work with in the process!

Here are a couple of shots from our trip to the factory - there are more over at our abigail*ryan blog, and a little more about the history if Irish Linen {and the Guilds} too, which I found fascinating to read today... it's so sad that old industries are dying out {especially to Ryan and I, as we both come from countries with long and famous textile production histories that are fading away!} - and to me, supporting local industry is as valuable {if not moreso!} as supporting Fair Trade industries from abroad.

Hope you will nip on over and keep an eye on a*r this week as there will be lots more sneak peeks!! :)

More soon, and back in the workshop at the end of the week as the Christmas push will begin so it will be jewellery a-go-go!!


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Jacqui Dodds said...

This must have been really exciting for you and what a fun time as well. Those colours are to die for. I love the way you are branching out and trying different things - I have all these ideas in my head if only I could get the time (I suppose that should read - if I made the time to do it). Can't wait to see more!