Tuesday, July 06, 2010


There is some fantastically tasty treats coming out of our garden these days - the sweetest of which were our first few ripened strawberries which we picked the other day... they were so very juicy and tasty, I can't wait for the rest to red-up!

Thanks so much to everyone who left well-wishes on my last post... my horrible stomach flu lingered on for a good bit longer and seems to keep coming and going. Eating beef seems to be a bit of a flash-point for not feeling at ALL well, so I've cut that out as a start (I never used to eat very much red meat, it just so happened there has been more of it on the menu since I moved over)...good thing there is so much veg getting ripe in the yard! ;)

Still feeling drained, exhausted and a bit off and really hoping to be able to shake this off soon... sadly, I think it's all a throw back to Swine Flu at the beginning of the year, and it's proving hard for me, and Ryan's sister and Mum to get our health and energy levels back up to par! It's really quite tiresome, especially when there is so much to do to just keep up with day-to-day!!

ANYWAY - on to nicer things... ;)

I am working on some limited edition summer necklaces inspired by all the veg we're growing. Think carrots, lettuce and lovely beets in silhouette - cute, quirky and quietly humourous... I'll be sharing them with you, and they will be on sale likely this time next week!!! Hope you will all check back then.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world... hopefully be back in this space more and more from now on, all things willing, and sharing more from our new home...

back soon and happy new week!


lisa s said...

F eagerly looks for strawberries every day :)

yours look lovely.
so sorry to read you still aren't 100%. hope that changes very very soon

shari said...

hoping you feel more like yourself soon. eagerly awaiting those new designs especially since i'm now working on a farm. xo

Leslie said...

You inspire me to start growing strawberries.

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

Have you heard of/tried 'Echineacea' natures little miracle; you can normally get it from a good pharmacy or health food store. It is really great; a few drops a day in a glass of water really helps the immune system... and it is 100% natural and safe. Voila lecture over! Happy and healthy creating. Linda.