Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A small hello + stay tuned!

Hello to anyone who might still be out there keeping an eye on this little space... how are you all?

I'm keeping very busy at the moment with all sorts of things, in the last few weeks, Ryan and I took our abigail*ryan wares to a Craft Fair (that's me above, at our wee stall) and have a collection of our goods in a Pop-Up shop in Armagh, called should go if you're nearby! There's some lovely thing... have a wee look here, and see!

I finished my first embroidery in some stolen moments (um... hours!?) and am on to number two already... tres relaxing.

I wanted to stop in and remind you all that from this Friday through until Sunday, I am running a pre-Christmas Sale in my shop. Each and every order placed during this period will be *guaranteed* for Xmas delivery and also will have a fantastic 25% off!!! I hope you will all enjoy treating yourself, and others, to some beautiful hand-made bijoux...

Please pass this on to all your friends and family, and help more people buy hand-made this Holiday Season :)

Before I go, I also wanted to wish all my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving for tomorrow... I hope you all have a gorgeous, relaxing and joyful days!

xo to all.


Joanne Macfadyen said...

Aw your wee stall is so cute! such lovely colourful things!! Cant wait to order my lavender bag! still trying to decide which one tho!! :) xx

Laura Cameron said...

Stall is looking great! Had a wee peek at your photos on fb and the pop up shop looks fabulous, hope it goes well for all involved!

Property Tunisia said...

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