Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back in the groove....

Finally! I feel as if I have woken from a deep sleep...I am making again, and more importantly feeling like making again. Any attempts I have made over the last few weeks have been half hearted and a bit futile..but now - i'm back in the groove {you know, that place where creativity seems to flow better, and things don't seem as much like a chore as they might??}..good place the groove.

I had a really good clear out of my workshop yesterday {two black bags!} and somewhat re-assessed what I needed. I have found that no matter how much you plan your work space..it's not until you work in it, and go through big project deadlines do you find out what you really need from it. What needs to be handy..what would help you tidy away as you go convenience wise......what makes life easy...

So, today so far I have four pairs of earrings made...and two brooches on the way as well, which I would like to get the metal work finished for tonight.....also, check out my new Muji jewel organiser, busting full of bling!!

Now, the only down to being back making is the insufferable heat!!! NOTE TO ALL : Soldering is NOT a summer time pursuit! The heat from the torch only adds to the heat in the workshop {I can't open my windows as there are no handles on them after decorating months ago.....they have gone AWOL!}..the electric fan I am practically hugging does a great job of blowing the torch's flame all around, usually onto my hand...oweeee....yes, I am feelin' hot hot hot... and not in a good way ;)

Happy Tuesday to all!! xox


Shari said...

hi abigail!
hope you're drinking something nice and cool to make it through the heat! i adore all of these photos as i really enjoy seeing the work in progress and studio pictures. it's so lovely to see the quilts of gees bend postcard front and center. sending big hugs, shari

briana said...

Abigail- The amount of detail you put into your work just *blows* my mind. You're super!

ashb said...

The work looks lovely! I love to see shots from an artist's studio, thanks for sharing those!

ma roulotte said...

your studio looks really lovely and your brooch is sooo beautiful.
long live the groove :)

lisa s said...

groove away! yay!!

i love that groove... kind of like a crack or crevice?? maybe not...

the bummer is that soldering in the nude isn't practical either, huh? :)

Holly Goes... said...

yeyy for the groove!
i actually miss a hot summer day right now. It's extremely rainy and bleak here in Sydney..
I cant remember if i already told you that i have moved to blogspot?? Anyway now we can be proper blog buds.
Holly Goes...

mav said...

clear outs & breaks from your work at necessary when you are an artist. i am just not figuring that out AND figuring out how to be okay with that. i am glad to hear you're back at it after your much needed rest. it all looks fantastic. love, mav

katie said...

Glad to hear you are back in the groove. It can be so hard sometimes to get into that perfect mind-frame. There is nothing more frustrating that working on something when you are feeling so half-hearted. Giving yourself breaks is good for creativity. I'm learning to put stuff down and walk away till I'm ready again.

Stay cool and have some nice cold beverages. Or some delicious sorbet! Mmmm!

simple me said...

Maybe the clear out did the trick. Glad you back into shape and my! you really are back into business with the amount of work you are doing...unbelievable.
Lovely to see the work in progress...
keep cool :)

Abigail said...

Hey girls..thanks all so much!

Shari - yes, gallons of volvic water - so hot!...and I LOVE the card of the quilt you sent, it lifts me just to look at it!

Briana - thank you! That is so sweet of you to say.shucks ;)

Ashb - Glad you like them..thanks so much!!

ma roulotte - indeed! lets all get groovin' ;)

Lisa - haha..yeah when your at the bottom of it {rather than riding it} it's a big stinkin' ravine!!..and yeah, the nude soldering thing - so not a good look!! lol :))))))

Holly - hey doll! Yeah so glad your on blogger..yay! and sad as it may sound I would swap you the wintry weather for this heat any day of the week....scots were not built for this!! :)))

Mav - it's such a rocky journey..may we both find the easy path soon my dear!!

Katie - too true!! Such a hard lesson to learn though...we must persevere!!! Mmmm, sorbet..sounds good!

Paula - thanks! Yes was rather steam rollering through it...hope you are keeping cool too!!

hugs to all!! xox

gracia said...

Hi Abigail,
Oh, I love that feeling... when it all seems to come together. I think mine is due to arrive at the studio door early next week!
Happy working (in the sticky heat)... it looks wonderful.
cheers, gracia

Karen said...

Hi Abigail.

I love it when you show how you do your work! Ugh, the heat is just beyond repressive isn't it? That Miko organizor looks like something I need!