Friday, July 14, 2006

Feeling Friday...

I can't believe how absent I have been from this blog for the last week....!! The days are just flying by, and to be honest I can't even tell you what I have been doing with them. I am still struggling to shake off the extreme tiredness after the show/trip..and I haven't been feeling very well this last week to boot. Things are beginning to turn around today though, and I am taking things in hand, organising, photographing new work for the records {see above the new geranium and pearl neckpiece}, really..this Monday coming I am hoping to be back in the 'office'! I have some snazzy storage solutions for my gem stock coming from Muji which I am very excited about......seriously I love Muji, and *WISH* they would re-open a store here in Glasgow {they had one here in the late 80's {?} and 90's, but it has been shut for at least 10 years, it was SO ahead of it's time, but it would do well now for sure}..I alone would keep them in business!!!

So! I am hoping next week to resume normal schedule and present myself to the world as a productive girl rather than a lazy bum ;P......{we shall see!}, but till then I will leave you with a few lovely links and heartfelt wishes for wonderful weekends worldwide {a little alliteration in the evenings never hurt anyone you know!}!!

Cheryl Pilling makes the most beautiful works from folded books....just stunning!!

Wedgwood have got the sophisticated china for high tea look down to a fine art....I love browsing their wares!

Krmuir's photo of the Aurora Borealis takes my breath away...I dearly want to see the northern lights.

I have another jewellery post up on WhipUp have a wee gander if you get the chance :)

Hugs to all!! xox


Shari said...

hi abigail!!
i've missed your posts. so sorry to hear that you are tired and haven't been feeling well.

another gorgeous abigail percy creation. i absolutely love the new necklace. so so pretty.

i also love your links today. i haven't seen the northern lights either and i really want to.

the books made me ooh and aah and i can just imagine having tea from a royal icing or queen's plain teacup. delightful.
xo! shari

Karen said...

Hi Abigail! I can't wait to see the rest of your collection. You being sick is your body telling you to take a breather from all the hard work you've been doing! Take a couple of days off and recharge!

lisa s said...

hey you!! just take good care!! we all want you feeling better and happy/healthy!!

i LOVED the jewelry on whip-up... so amazing....

also looking forward to more of your lovlies!

anaromerodesign said...

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simple me said...

Hi Abigail,
I hope you are feeling more recovered by now...just take it easy.
I used to go to Muji quite often when I was living in London. They have just the most practical and useful stuff, don't they?
Still to check the links but checked the whipup and loved Nora Fok. Her jewellery is very much me. Thanks for this info.
Have a restful evening.