Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smile - if you can....

...this old postcard {my all time favourite} always manages to bring a smile to my face, even during the hardest, toughest weeks. That was/is {?} one of them....and I have not been able to get myself in gear to update this dear wee blog with any sort of goodness to amuse the masses - so sorry dear friends for the unexplained absence. I am just so tired.....not sleeping very well, and with so much still to do....tiredness is the topic de jour. {not that I am going to really explore the theme....}

I have been saving up linky goodness galore, and my favourite autumn inspirations..which I hope to be able to get around to posting next week...not tonight though. I have been out for a big shop today {food}, so have spend the last hour and a quarter preparing a huge big unctuous beef casserole/stew to have with mash tonight. It is a double the house has a wonderful rich aroma about it.

Tonight, I will just be relaxing on the sofa and reading the new issue of Vogue, and am looking forward to the return of one of my favourite dramas....Spooks!!! { a brilliant MI5 spy -type thrill trip of a show} whooohoo ;)

Happy Sunday my dears - hope you are having a good one!!


nesty said...

spooky stewness!

we had beef/guiness stew today too with mash & cabbage...yum!

and like you I have spooks to look forward to tonight. i don't normally watch a lot of telly but love this prog.

hope you sleep better tonight. here's to a new & productive week ahead...looking forward to your links when they come. x

p.s. love the postcard...instant smile satisfaction!

lisa s said...

hey there.... so sorry to hear you have been tired and not sleeping.... have you tried valerian root yet? :)

glad you made stew though, and are going to curl up... sounds lovely!

Shari said...

hi abigail,

cute postcard. instant smile! sorry to hear that you're not sleeping well. your dinner sounds comforting and lovely all around combined with a good program on television. enjoy!! xox shari

livefromthebluekitchen said...

Oh the onslaught of autumn; the sudden lack of energy, the weird fitful sleeps, the afternoon naps when you have SO SO much to do. At least that's my version of it - and it sounds to me like you may be suffering from the same thing, even although we both agree that autumn is fabulous! Or perhaps it's just simply that you are working so hard. Either way, I hope it gets better for you soon :)

The postcard is cute. For an autumn treat, I would recommend going to see Little Miss Sunshine if you haven't already (the girl on the postcard just reminded me of it).

S xx

mav said...

love that postcard!!
i can relate to the sleep thing.
what is that?! xo

risa said...

that postcard is amazing in so many ways!

ashb said...

that postcard is precious! Sorry your not sleeping so well ;( you must have alot on your mind, being self employed can do that to ya, trust me I know!
I'm sending good vibes of sleep and smiles your way!


p.s. the stew sounds fab!

maditi said...

I´m smiling :)
I´m really tired lately too - must be the change of seasons ;)