Saturday, December 30, 2006

Shadows of Christmas past....

It seems like only a moment ago I was preparing for Christmas - and now here we are preparing to welcome in a New Year.....2007!! Holy Moly. Things are still whirling in my head...I am hoping to try iron them out by next week...;)

I had a really lovely Christmas {hope you all did too!!..thank you for all the merry wishes!} with my family {but sans brother and sister in law who are in the States - boohiss} and a dear friend who I had over....I got some lovely little things, which I am looking forward to sharing soon! I have just been relaxing, catching up on lots of sleep {hurrah!!}....doing nice things like watching good films {a brilliant animation today, Spirited Away by the amazing Hayao Miyazaki} and reading good books {The Unbearable Lightness of Being which is underway....and also On Beauty by Zadie Smith which I am trying to resist until the bookclub kicks off....trying I tell you!! ;))} - seriously putting off thinking about my tax return which needs to be started asap.......putting off, putting off. That's what a holiday is about through, right? The new year will be here soon enough and all things on the big to-do list will get dealt with. honestly.

Tonight...another film, nice meal, wine, bed, sleep.....then wake up to Hogmanay. *Wishing* you all just the most wonderful night for tomorrow eve and a truly great start to 2007!!!! See you here next year - I will share some more {fun} to-dos' and grand plans for the coming months then......

Much, much love!!
Slanj to you all at the bells!!!



jenny vorwaller said...

hi abigail!

(oh how i miss target!)

spirited away is a lovely film...max loves it! glad to hear that you are having a lovely holiday break...

talk to you soon!

kisses! -j.

Katherine said...


(from another Miyazaki fan, Kiki's Delivery Service is my favourite).

kelly said...

dear abigail,

wishing you all good things + happy times aplenty in 2007! x

have a great time seeing in the new year + keep on enjoying the holiday...put tax returns on your resolutions list :)

Karen said...

hi abigail,

sounds like you had a great holiday break. i also spent some time watching Miyazaki..."Howl's Moving Castle." I just think his animation work is so brilliant and creative...

happy new year!


Shari said...

hello sweet abigail,

love the photo. sending you hugs at the chime of midnight. happy new year. wishing you the best. xx shari

ambika said...

Oh, I know, I can't quite believe Christmas is over. Happy new year to you, too.

lisa s said...

sounds like you are having a lovely time!!
happy happy new year!!!
p/s you can always re-read or chime in on the book club when we get there :)