Wednesday, January 03, 2007

To Market!!...

I am delighted that today is the launch date of the Kim Family Auction..there is so much amazing stuff {much of which I am coveting myself!!}up for auction, so please check it out and bid, bid, bid! :) - This is the piece I have donated...a Sweet Horse Chestnut Necklace made of faceted smokey quartz beads {strung on silk}, hand carved and stained faux ivory leaf held in an 18ct gold plated silver setting........I am so pleased to be able to donate this and be in such great company. Many thanks to Lisa , Stephanie and Gerrie for setting up such an amazing event. I will post the link to the eBay auction site as soon as I can :)

Update: visit the eBay site for the Kim Family Auction here and find a direct link to my necklaces auction here .....happy bidding :)


Happy New Year to everyone...proper!! I still can't believe a new year is here..full of so many possibilities, so many things to come. I think I always postpone *feeling* in the new year..often carrying on like nothing has happened. It {probably daftly} can feel a bit too big.......but, I have so many good things planned for this coming year. I am set on trying to make it a good one, to put into action all the things I have learned {business wise} and to make all the changes I envision to help move things forward....get me where I want to be with work. I feel quite positive about it, and want to take the first few months of the year to market, plan, build {a website!} and organise...and little less of the mad making schedule, which leaves you no time for all the other stuff. I guess I am beginning to feel, and I am feeling....RIGHT!!!!!!!!! Bring it on :)

It's so nice to be reading all the new year post around the blog-world....a new slate can feel really great, and I for one *do* want to try and bottle that feeling and keep it going for some one year blog-iversary is really not that far away, so another big chance for reflection is approaching - I want to see what I can get done by then, how I will have started off 2007..........

But, for me today...back to my tax return. ;)


Shari said...

hi abigail,
i love your positivity and your excitement. 2007 is going to be a great year...i can feel it. good luck with all of your endeavors. happy new year my dear friend! xoxo shari

lisa s said...

you sound so excited - it's infectious....

wanna come do my taxes too?!?

Julie Buchanan said...

Hi Abigail! It's Julie (Allan's girlfiend) here - I've been doing some late night dissertation stuff and was procrastinating on and found you!!!!

It's a piece on the auction, and they've used a picture of your necklace! How exciting is that?!!?

Hope you're doing well! x

Abigail said...

Julie!! Hey :)

I know! I was sooo excited!! Drop me an email so I can get your address {i'm}and i'll drop you a line back :)

hope the work is going well! spk soon! xx

jennifer | creatingfromscratch said...

what a gorgeous necklace.

and boy oh boy am i also in the thick of tax returns. :( hey, just be glad you don't have to file returns for TWO countries, like me!

happy 2007 to you, good luck with all your plans!