Friday, January 12, 2007

Time for Tea....

Well....I was just delighted this morning to be invited to go with Shari to the International Tea Party organised by the lovely Risa!! I poured myself a much needed cup of Assam tea {in my beautiful porcelain cup, decorated with Picasso matadors}..and donned my cocktail ring for the occasion!.....I had a lovely time, thank you both ;)

As it is a party...I thought flowers were in order - so I have brought some Freesias, in my own way ;) - a 19th Century Botanical Drawing....and the silver silhouette freesia motif they inspired {due to become a lovely long necklace with some little citrines over the weekend}.....okay, so they don't smell as good as real freesia {one of the best smells ever, right?} but they do last longer!

I was very glad of the lovely hot tea I am suddenly feeling a little under the weather {rain and gale force winds here in case you were wondering} am going to be chilling out tonight, and snuggling down in the warm with some delicious sushi, telly and then a good book! - hoping the ginger will do it's stuff by morning :)

Hope everyone is having a good party! - Happy weekend everyone!



Shari said...

hi abigail,
so fun to make a guest appearance on your blog. :) i'm delighted that you are joining me at the tea party! hope that ginger tea knocks your cold right out. your new design is truly gorgeous. amazing amazing work my friend. xoxo shari
ps: happy weekend!

Vanessa said...

Oh yes, flowers are in order. Lovely

risa said...

hi abigail! i'm glad you could make it! send me your snail mail {muerto_de (at) yahoo (dot) com} and i'll send you some favors (although maybe not right away as i need to make a few more...) thanks for your contribution! here's one more cup of tea to share. :)

Karen said...

What pretty tea cups both you and Shari have... Makes me want to look for some vintage ones for myself.

Feel better, petite!

marsha said...

cheers! (love the ring - is that one of yours?)

camilla engman said...

What's that beside your teacup! That's not a scone!!

Here in Sweden there will soon be season for something almost as good as a scone - SEMLA.

tatjana said...

What beautiful flowers! For some reason I can't picture them in a necklace, but rather as some lovely hair ornament. But I'm sure whatever they turn into will be gorgeous :)

cruststation said...

Hello Abigail, it's so nice to meet you. Loving your beautiful silver silhouette freesia motif, It's going to be a gorgeous necklace! Hope you get better soon, wrap up warm. Sushi and a book sounds wonderful.

Veronica TM said...

What a beautiful cup and the freesias...! It is so nice to meet you!

Abigail said...

Hi everyone!

Shari...and me on yours! :) Thank you so much my dear! xx

Vanessa..thanks for stopping by, so glad you like them!!

Risa...thank you for having me ;) - such fun...thank you again for the amazing idea!

Karen...Yes, nice cups huh? Mine isn't vintage...not this time ;) - but a rumage down an antiques market might be good fun at the weekend!? Thanks so much for the well-wishes, im sure ill feel better soon! hugs, xox

Marsha..:) Yes, the ring is one of mine {and one of the only pieces of my own work I have!!}..its 18 carat gold with a big smokey quartz faceted cushion. :)

Camilla...hej! Oooh tell me more about SEMLA!???? ---- that baby next to my cup is shortbread {by Deans of Huntley..who make the best!}...had to have something scottish in the pic you know!! ;))

Tatjana..thanks so much for stopping by! Stop back next week to see what you think of it as a necklace, maybe i'll convert you ;)

Cruststation..Lovely to meet you too! :) Thank you so much! have a lovely weekend! xx

veronica tm - you too!! :) so glad you like the freesias!

Happy weekend everyone! xox

Janet said...

`Have some wine,' the March Hare said in an encouraging tone.
Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. `I don't see any wine,' she remarked.
`There isn't any,' said the March Hare.
What is a party without wine exclaimed Janet!!!!! time for that glass of vino I reckon, don't you honey, it is Friday night xxx

lisa s said...

love your cups... so amazing... and the fresia... sigh.... xo feel better.... take good care!

AnastasiaC said...

Assam Tea sounds good!
Tea is so soothing...perfect! a gorgeous ring too

kelly said...

dear abigail...i'm with you all the way on freesias...simply divine + you've captured them perfectly with your new piece :) love your ring too!

hope you're feeling better + having a good weekend...staying in sounds good with the weather we've got! x

gracia said...

I'd be pretty happy sipping tea from a cup decorated with Picasso's matadors too... what a find!
take care, gracia

Taryn Domingos said...

The freesias are stunning!

Being a regular reader of your blog, I'm sorry I didn't notice that you had attended the tea party as well! Maybe I'll see you at the next party the lovely Risa puts on!

camilla engman said...

I just ate one, Semla, mmmm jummy :)

jenny vorwaller said...

oh abigail....your freesias are *STUNNING*


hope you are feeling better? i can't wait for your site to launch and to see what you are working on!