Thursday, March 29, 2007

affiche | poster...

One of those weeks right?...speeding by for me at least, not much accomplished yet. I have quite a lot to do actually, so that combo is not a great one....haha.

I have been working with some images on photo-shop and creating 'posters' printed on brown paper [Kraft if you are American] in A4 size, layering and fragmenting imagery.....and I've been quite enjoying that. It has been a while since I have done any drawing, but doing this opens up all sorts of ideas as to how I could transform things I would like draw on {thinking some of the carvings from buildings in Paris!} into prints and such. It is nice to have a break from what I do every day with this is great fun and gets my creative juices flowing!

I'd love to know what you think....I'm not sure if this is something that I could market at all {although I know I for one LOVE finding posters printed on brown paper ... love!! I say! ;) ....mmmm?

More tomorrow! Good day everyone :)
EDIT:: - I have listed the posters on etsy....each for 13 dollars [or 6 pounds -ish] plus p+p....
for the West George Street Print - Click HERE
for the Rose Print - Click HERE


donna said...

Your drawings are lovely, there'd definitely be a market for these!

D x

stephanie s said...

they are beautiful, just beautiful.

risa said...

i agree! beautiful! and there is definitely a market. i could easily see these in a modern or traditional home.

macati said...

these posters are great! keep on!
bye, manela

shari said...

your drawings + kraft paper=match made in heaven. so beautiful abigail! i'm loving the dual subject titles though i imagine my french pronunciation is horrible! xoxo

Jennifer said...

These are so nice. What kind of kraft paper is this? Is it one meant for inkjet printing? If so, what brand?

jenny vorwaller said... espaƱ word: perfecto!


lisa s said...

what IS it about kraft paper?

i wanted the holiday card last year to be on kraft, but they were out of the #10 size. sigh....

abigail. these are stunner. just beautiful [i dream of them + letterpress - that way there'd be a ReaL dimentional element]

cally said...

who knew someone else loved the brown paper thing, and the same imagery!

is it a scottish thing? being brought up with so much soil and haggis and earthy tones around us, and in cities with great carving on the buildings.

you'd be a great companion on a 'wander round the city taking random photographs' day. i love doing that. maybe too much judging by the bulging folders in my files each month (1000's!).

i've got stacks of prints and drawings from trip to the south of france & italy (and somewhere some swedish ones) on brown and handmade papers.

similar style, layered images of architectural carvings, wonderful ironwork gates and signage - if you don't sell them all (as if) and want to swap I'll dig them out of their box (i'd buy but i'm seriously skint).

Abigail said...

Hi everyone...thanks so much - so glad you like them :)

Jennifer - the paper is for inkjet or laser printers, 90gsm in weight and comes from paperchase [love!]..thanks for stopping by! x

Lisa - letter-press in my dreams too...that would be great!

Cally - drop me an email if you get a chance ;)

mymolly said...

oh, so beutiful. :)

** Terramia ** said...

wow - just lovely!!!


beauuuutiful and fine drawings, abigail!