Friday, March 30, 2007

commencer à terminer | beginning to end...

Well, I guess that's almost it - March I mean...almost over. This month seems like a lost one to being off in Paris at the beginning and then in cloud-cookoo land for the rest of it. The image above is where I began....exploring the beautiful backstreets of a wonderful city, and where I finish....sitting working at my bench in another.

Thanks so much to all of you for such kind comments in my posters :) - and thanks to the lovely Joy for the kind mention today!....

Some flickr faves from this week [what a lot there were!!..but I will stick to five..or so ;)]...

:: untitled from haeshu
:: I miss from rebeccamissing
:: shelter from Shari
:: freefall from rivoluzione
:: sabina from kasio
:: riverside from wiiri
:: oh my stars from meg, love them all! - hope you do too.

*** A little reminder!!! ***

- The March photo competition that I am guest judging over on The Year of Living Gorgeously blog is almost drawing to a close!! To enter - just submit your 'March' photo into the flickr group pool and I will judge the winner at the weekend....and remember , you can win some scrummy french soaps, so it is well worth a go!!! Hope to see your photo's there :)

Have a lovely weekend all!!


hannah said...

well if you are going to lose part of a month, paris is a good place to be! thank you for including me in your favs! have a good weekend!

shari said...

yes, paris and cloudland both sound like good places. i'm excited for april filled with such goodness as earth day, t's birthday, poetry month, etc. love your posters so much! have a good weekend! xox
ps: when is the devon show?