Sunday, April 08, 2007

éclater en avant | burst forth...

I thought my orchid was going to need some serious tlc and pruning to get it to bud again as the last of the wilting blooms fell off about three weeks ago. Lo and behold more fat, juicy buds sprung to life and this beautiful white and lime bloom burst out today....happy Easter indeed.

I have been getting through quite a bit of my workload this weekend, but yesterday realised I had been given the wrong saw blades at the shop on Friday [they gave me 2/0 - ick- and I use 4/0 - yum].....alas they are not open again until Tuesday and I feel like I am treading water and feel pretty frustrated. Considering rounding up all my broken 4/0 blades and piercing with short stumpy lengths........good job there is a lot of chocolate around the house.

Some flickr fave's from this weeks meanderings.....

:: warm- light by wiiri
:: untitled by *mort
:: Favourite yarn by Karin Eriksson
:: ... by greengirlart
....also *loving* browsing Klaus Burgel's site right now...I think I originally found the link from Camilla....but even if I didn't I will credit her with the lust anyway...;))
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone...see you the other side of Monday!


Karen said...

Hi Abigail,

I love that you're putting French/English titles to your entries. I too have been trying to learn French but am having a hard time of it. Your titles make it so easy to remember. I think I am a more visual person. Hope you had a really wonderful weekend!

meg said...

ooooh, sorry to hear about the saws... hope you get it sorted soon enough! everything i've seen on flickr (and here) thus far has been beautiful-- i hope Dazzle goes well! xx

Gillian said...

What a great website. I love the fact that the 2d work refelcts and informs the scuptural work and jewellery. Beautiful.

Gillian said...

Oh dear, and I can sometimes type and spell! Not that you would think it from my last post.

lisa s said...

hello dear... yay for orchids and boo for wrong saws. hope the week has gotten off to a good start!