Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blanc | White...

Hi everyone - sorry for my sudden absence all know that cold that was tapping me on the shoulder? Well, I turned round and it knocked me out!! It has been all I could do this week just to keep up...sadly deadlines don't wait!

It is however absolutely beautiful weather here just now - all the blossom is out and things are bright and white!! It is surprisingly warm [and as such, it being Scotland, people are walking around in vests and shirtless...making the most of the rays. So funny...;)))] which will be lovely if it holds for the long Easter weekend!

I will be working through - making, making. Above are some little Anemone leaf 'cushions' that will become stud earrings and parts of necklaces.....they are straight out the pickle, so that's why they are icy white.

I have a new post up at Whip Up so have a gander if you get the chance :)

Thank you all so much too for all the kind comments about the new earrings...I so appreciate it!! I have already had some orders for them, so am hoping they will go down well at the show too! :)

More soon! xox


shari said...

lovely diptych! i think the anemone leaves are the sweetest. can't wait to see the finished earrings and necklaces. enjoy the weather! hugs, shari

Hollie said...

It has been unbelievably warm, I wonder what it will be like in mid-summer? Hope you're feeling better now and your still enjoying all the piercing, the results are lovely. x

Penny said...

Abigail - I love these anemones - when will they be available? They are possibly even nicer than the gingko leaves you made me which have been worn and admired by many!

cootiegarage said...

These are beautiful. Jenny of Queenthings said you may be doing something together - that would be fantastic. Keep us posted please!

Abigail said...

Cootiegarage...indeed we are! We are working on it right now...and fitting it slowly in where we can. It is slowly but surely coming together....will share more soon, and Jenny has already given a little hint over on her blog :)

Luis Felipe said...


Beautiful work. I have a jewelry factory myself down in Guatemala. I manufacture for a few wholesale customers in the US. I don’t remember how I stumble into your blog, but I am happy I did.

Awesome “craftwomanship”. Your lines are so simple yet so appealing to the eye. Let me know if you happen to build a website to sell your pieces.

Best regards,

Luis F. Prieto

lisa s said...

so sorry the cold got to you!

i, too, love the pics.... gorgeous!!