Thursday, May 31, 2007

emballage | packing...

Hi everyone!....gosh this week is going by quickly! - thanks so much to everyone who has purchased one of the new necklaces so far, and for all your kind emails about them...I have been packaging them up today ready for posting out tomorrow, to all over the world!...just the tissue and ribbon to add now ;)

....there are still some necklaces left to be snapped up do drop me a line if you are interested.

I know it is not Friday yet...but in anticipation of it, some favourites of mine from around flickr this week....

heavenly from virginia virginia
like a tattoo from Camilla E
stand out from *boing boing*
collection3 from Camilla E
untitled from duchamp blinks

...more soon! xox


marta miguel said...


lisa s said...

your packaging, as always, divine. i just reused your green ribbon for a wedding present! :)

platinum blonde said...


blushing apples said...

great jewelry! i love the silhouttes..

sharon said...

Oooh they look delicious! So gutted that I'm flat broke :(


zozo said...

Just beautiful all your creations!