Thursday, May 03, 2007

Être à la hauteur | Stack up...

I have been thinking a lot the last few days about layers...and how everything tends to stack up in life [work, tasks to do, mess, commitments....] and how it is good to take some time out to tidy those stacks up, to edit, to make new stacks, more efficient stacks. {That is, if you can find the time...;)} It really is something I am needing to do right now....organise a bit and get things together!! Sometimes I can't believe just how much you learn and change and adapt your processes daily when in is a very fast and steep [and endless] learning curve!

I have been mailing things out a lot recently...hence the new delivery of packaging from Potters and the pile of sturdy mailers waiting to go overseas with a variety of prints inside.....[the post office has just moved] so I have been outside a lot more as it is a little further, and taking a different route....I am going to take my camera out more soon to capture some of the things I see en route....there is so much greenery bursting out [it is so HOT!] just waiting to be captured!

Okay...I have a question for those who are Gocco aficionado's.....can you give me some advice as to which is the better system to use [the PG - 5 or PG -11?...or any other!?]....and also any hints as to where I might be able to find one [I have found sources on Etsy and eBay...but am looking at about 100 dollars plus that average?]....if you can offer any advice that would be wonderful!! - I am beginning to think [and plan] for Christmas [and all the work I have to do!] already...can you believe it!? Thank you in advance lovelies!!

Thanks so much also for all the lovely words about my sweet Bro.....I am sure he is reading it all and blushing big somewhere in the mid-west :)

Happy Thursday all...roll on the w/end!


lisa s said...

hey you... i'm all about the stack - remember the piles? [mine need some organizing too]

so gocco... pg 5 is replacing the old B6 version. should be less expensive than the pg 11 - which is the pro registration/4 color photo repro thing. the masters are more for the pg - 11 it also takes 4 bulbs instead of 2 - but you can make bigger prints [you can also make 1/2 prints which are pg 5 size].

does that help at all? the pg 5 is retailing here for $165 new so on ebay you are doing good!

let me know if i can answer anything else?

emily said...

do you know the poem "the layers" by stanley kunitz? it is perfect companion reading to go along with your comments (and one of my favorite poems).

clk said...

lovely lady, i have a gocco that you can use next week when YOU ARE HERE with US! If not to much work, can you bring stringing goods and my black suitcase? We have a bank to rob. xxx

Anonymous said...

pfft...not blushing...just wishing i had cut my hair before looking like a refugee. Ah well...
Miss you...


Isis said...

abigail, thanks so much for your wonderfull words about layers! i'm going trough something similar and couldn't have put it more beautifully.
i feel totally encouraged by what you wrote in this post. i was sort of giving up on it all.
thank you!

good luck with finding the perfect gocco for you!

Taryn said...

My gocco machine cost over $200. If you found one for $100 you are one lucky lady! Buy it and quick!