Monday, July 02, 2007

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....I was ill all last week with a bug, and so was planning on catching up here at the weekend....however, events here in Glasgow left me quiet. A sad day with sad deeds.....there is so much I want to say and yet somehow this is not the place or the time. I am not sure if there is ever a place or a time.....nothing is right with this. I hate to see this on my doorstep, I hate to see this happen in my city.

I started my French classes today, so I will be especially busy for the next few weeks. I am planning a small shop update for tomorrow as summer jewellery to lighten the spirits.

I missed my flickr faves what with being absent on Friday... but I feel the need for some beauty now more than ever. Hope you enjoy....

:: Shop of Indian tea 2 by mitayuudodo

:: verandah by irina t

:: polaroid by Correy

:: hover [71/365] by keico

:: untitled by irissham

till tomorrow, xox


shari said...

hi sweet a,
you've been on my mind. so sorry about recent events. how horrible! i understand your need for quiet and contemplation.

love the indian tea photo and also your photo today. are you enjoying our next ship o' fools read?

big hugs! shari

hannah said...

i hope you can find that beauty and peace soon abigail!

eshu said...

it sickens me to no end, events like these.

take it easy.