Friday, June 22, 2007

le weekend | the weekend...

Thank goodness the weekend is here!! - it has just been one of those weeks - I never thought I would get to this stage....the tying up loose ends stage - but here I am, Friday night and two days off [mostly] ahead of me. Bliss.

Today is exactly two years since I graduated and I can hardly believe seems like a lifetime ago!

some Friday flickr faves....soak up the beauty!!!

:: hell yes by mav

:: untitled by Gufan

:: untitled by lille_my

:: is deconstruction the same as taking apart? [6] by monkeyinfez

:: the last of the lilacs by SouleMama

Oh yes! - there are still some of the Early Summer necklaces left if anyone is still interested :), just drop me a line....

....I can hear the thunder clapping outside...I guess the muggy heat all day was building up to this! Love that kind of sudden summer storm....

Happy weekend everyone...have a good one!



marsha said...

i'm looking forward to thunderstorms this weekend too!

happy weekend!

shari said...

it's storming here right now. love your flickr faves. roll on weekend and relaxing i say! hugs!

Julie said...

We're having a muggy day today here as well! And it's supposed to rain tonight. I can't wait.

Your graduation picture reminds me of when I graduated... 2 weeks ago. Your gown and hood look like mine, too.

cally said...

i mind the rain and gray skies less when they are spiced up with thunder and lightening, filling the clouds with excitement.

can't believe another year has passed, another set of shows, well done to you for keeping on going and doing so well.

Kathy said...

I just love your beautiful blog!

cruststation said...

Thank you for the beautiful flickr links, I love your photo here.