Sunday, December 16, 2007

Goodness {!!} and an Anémone....

Goodness me indeed! I cannot believe more than a week has flown by since I was last in this space - well, I can feels more like three ;) - but rest assured I have not been being idle or even decking the bows....oh-no! I have simply been working up a storm making and posting out orders each and every day. My BIG final US-bound drop went out on I am just delighted to know so many people will be opening parcels containing bijoux from me this coming Christmas. It really is quite a unique and special feeling - really everyone, thank you so much for your overwhelming response this year and for all your orders these last few weeks...the growth my little business has made this year really does make all the hard work seem worth-while and all your kind words and emails brighten my day each time I receive them. Thank you!
.....something about this time of year always forces you to reflect - I think especially when you run your own business. Being almost through the most busy seasons of the year feels like a huge achievement - when you thought last year you could do no more, you manage to find that little extra again this time around. It makes me think about next year - all the things to do then, all the plans to make and all the new people to be in touch with!! The great thing about being online is you know you are not alone and that people are feeling the same way you do.....and are feeling challenged, and grateful and excited just the same, and in different ways again....I second all of this from mav for example :)....really I think I just can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. I can't believe it's almost over. wow.
I am sorry not to have been around more online these past weeks - something had to give though and seeing as how there is not a good photo to be had {you cannot imagine how dark it is here these days.....sooooo dark!} I haven't even felt inspired from that point of view, or able to snap anything much worthwhile when I do. I am looking forward to late next week when all my orders are finished and I can finally get around to decking out and get myself in the Christmas mood. See some friends, take some walks, buy some gifts [make some gifts ;)] and do the things people do at Christmas....I am late to it, but oh-so ready for it now.
First - kitchen to finish [woodwork final coat today], last orders, house to rid of building work dust, Christmas cake to bake [damn late I know!]......
- Anemone outline Necklace above is a new one online > remember this beauty ? It's in the shop now and ready to ship :)
For anyone still looking for gift ideas - try these amazing items by bgreen designs ...with each beautiful product you buy, your money goes to plant 50 trees. I am so happy to know that this Christmas, my purchases mean there will be 150 more trees in the world {and that we get something beautiful as a reminded to boot!}....that is one of the best ethical presents I have seen in a long time!!!
PLUS - All of the jewellery Ana and I have been working on is now available too, so please do check out her shop for details!
...thank you for reading through this mammoth post! See what happens when I am away for too long, a weeks worth of waffle in one go! ;)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone,


marsha said...

i love the new collaborative work! the little earrings are too cute! congrats on a great year, and happy holidays!

Jantien & Hester said...

I love the Anemone necklace, it is so beuatiful!

gracia said...

Beautiful new works and I am keen to see what 2008 brings!
take care, g xo

louise said...

Your new necklace is beautiful. I'm so happy for you too that you had a bumper Christmas. Congratulations! xo lj

Anonymous said...

Your necklace is relly so sweet!!! I wish you a merry christmas from Spain.

LoveGemma said...