Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hello this dark evening...

Hi everyone...hope all is well with you this dark Winters night. I am having a busy week here with orders a plenty stacking up and being worked through [thank you SO to all those who have ordered something so far!!] as well as having work done on our kitchen. The ceiling had to be brought down before it fell down, so there is a lot of mess and it work that will go on through 'till early next week. So this coming weekend will be all about juggling a paint-brush and bucket of soapy water and bench tasks ;))

I was doing a Christmas market last weekend...and so have a few special items of jewellery I had made which I can now offer for sale in my online shop. So, I will be listing some special 'ready to ship' and one off items which will bust through my order times and be able to be popped in the post right away!!!.... Above is a new necklace...the only one I will make like it, so something a little special...available in my shop now.

Have you seen the wonderful Bloggers pick gift guide over at Design*Sponge ? I was delighted to be asked by Grace to contribute and also delighted to see my name crop up a few times from other bloggers too. Thank you all!!

Okay, back to the bench with me. More soon!
Have a good evening all,


chiara nordio design said...

very nice this too!

ana ventura said...

all work from our colaboration on my shop. Hope you like it :)

gracia said...

Ever the busy bee, I am hoping you will get to rest those hard working hands of yours over Christmas... g xo

louise said...

Hope the last working days before Christmas go perfectly for you. xo lj