Saturday, February 09, 2008

On a day like today...

Such a beautiful day here today...I just wanted to stop in and share. The blue sky makes me feel Spring is close does the warmer sweet air, full of the scent of growth and goodness. Hello sunshine and bright skies....mmm.

Even if it is only for one day, it has done me so much good.
Wishing you a good Saturday too,


bugheart said...

sounds wonderful.
so looking

lisa s said...

it's beautiful here too.
yay for sun.


shari said...

yes. so spring like today. beautiful. marsha and i went for a the eno, of course. xox

Lylou said...

thanks to camilla i have been following your blog for a very long time. i would just like you to know that you are a very inspiring artist and it is always a joy seeing your new work. i just viewed your new online shop and it is wonderful.


island sweet said...

inspired by you, i purchased hyacinths this week (the local grocery store finally brought some in). a delicate pink. looking at them in the sunlight. a lovely (still cold) day here too.

Janet said...

Oh yes yes yes, I felt like that yesterday, Spring in the air, such a feeling of hope, Snowdrops and shoots, I loved yesterday!!!

mav said...

looks just beautiful! i hope we can catch up a bit soon. xox mav

cally said...

wasn't it wonderful! I even did a little gardening, my chives thought it was march and put on a spurt of growth, as did the aphids - but not for long (queue evil cackle).

very thick haar here for 3 days now, but the sun burnt it off for one hour today and all the birds suddenly sang like they were auditioning for a Disney film. so uplifting.