Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lines and shapes...

It is so very beautiful and I am so happy to have a copy arrive with me today - to be able to hold it... it made my day, well and truly.

I love this focus on one theme, it's gentle and eclectic exploration - the way each artist interprets their brief.
...laying it down, and then noticing it on a pile of lines {oh how I love stripes!} made me smile.

All hail Lines and Shapes...if you have been under a rock for the last few weeks, do check it out! I will maybe share some favourite pages a little later... keeps raining here today - spattering the pavement with raindrops and mottled patterns, before getting thoroughly soaked, being dried by the sun and then happening all over again. I guess this is the kind of thing you end up thinking about when you are focusing on lines and shapes....and of course, circles.


More tomorrow...when I should have the new Spring limited edition necklaces ready to show, so stay tuned for those... {oh, and ps - there are just two of my Ginkgo drawings catch them while you can!}


Jessica said...

the idea is fantastic and I think it is looking really good...i am jealous of whomever ordered these.

Claudia said...

I was under a rock for the last few weeks but I just ordered the entire book collection last weekend. Can't wait :)