Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello to you, and to 2009...

...2009. More than half way through month one, no less. Who would have thought?

I had a fantastic vacation in America, staying with my brother and sister-in-law {Sacramento and some time in San Francisco}...via Lake Tahoe {snow on the beach is a wonder, who knew?}...*a few snaps from the trip above*...

I even had the pleasure of meeting the divine Diana at Tartine for tea whilst in SF...good times!!

So. 2009. Three years at this blogging lark - I can hardly believe it! I was speaking to someone recently who remarked that *no one* can be THAT interesting...and, laughing, I had to agree with him ;)) I really am very privileged to have people stop by and read my ramblings and continue to care to peek at the happenings from the, truly, thank you.

Now that I am back, I had better give you a wee run down of what to expect from me in 2009, in the coming weeks, at least...for starters, there will be a sale in the shop ahead of Valentines Day {starting this week, hopefully}!! I have had stock come into the studio from a Christmas show, and so...will be doing a RTS {ready to ship} sale on those items - including some bigger pieces too, so keep your eyes peeled if you are in the market for a treat...!!


Happy Monday everyone, and well, Happy New Year. Let's make it a good one!!
love to all, xo.


laurie in georgia said...

Welcome back, Abigail, we've missed you! Happy 2009!

L'Atelier said...

Welcome back, Abigail!
I admired those photos already on flickr :)
Well I love your blog and it inspired me since I discovered it last year (2008)
I nominated you for my most inspiring blogs 2008
Looking forward to many more post in 2009

ana said...

welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Katherine said...

Happy new year!

Sofia Kemm said...

Happy new year Abigail!

I look forward to reading the wonderful and inspiring posts u have in store for us in the coming year!



shari said...

hi sweet a.

such a nice little collection of photos. happy 3 years of blogging...which reminds me, i just had a blog birthday too. it seems we started at about the same time. hope your 2009 is going to be fantastic. xo

kosmimata said...

Dear Abigail,

I am a fellow jeweller from Athens, Greece and I want to thank you for sharing the Moo information on your blog. I have already ordered business cards from them and they are fantastic. Their services are quick, professional and excellent quality. If it were not for your blog, I would never have found them!! My site is under construction, but I am thinking to moving it to because the payment option through Paypal is very useful. Are you pleased with their services?

Thanks and happy new year with many more wonderful botanical designs,

Sophia G.

louise said...

Happy 2009! Hop it's a fantastic year for you. and 3 years, wow... doesn't time fly.

Janet said...

Hi Abigail, welcome back and happy happy new year, hope its a great one. I had the most wonderful surprise present on Christmas day, the bracelet, I fell in love with of yours. Its a wee bit small though so will send back this week if its ok to get made a little bigger. Happy birthday too xxx

Kirsty said...

Happy new year!

I discovered your blog at the end of last year through etsy... can't wait to see more of your lovely work!

ana ventura said...

wellcome back. You look wonderfull!
Wishing you a GREAT 2009 :-)

hazeljoy said...

hello! how are you lovely?