Thursday, January 29, 2009


Despite it being 'Winter' in was more like an early, mild Autumn from the point of view of the plant-life. I managed to find these amazing leaves, and got pressing. I am imagining very large, very delicate brooch forms...the red one, pierced from sheet metal - the brown ones, perhaps carved forms...?

I think I will make those for an exhibition I have coming up in early summer...! But my mind is whirring on them now...

This month is speeding by! January is supposed to be slow and such thing on the to-do front...just me that's a little slow and sleepy. I think I want to hibernate ;)

Hopefully kicking off my little sale tomorrow - in time for lurve stay tuned for that. I'd better get back to the bench and catch up some, the day is already running away from me.


Listening to > Duke Special {got given the album this past weekend, and it's amazing!}

In awe of > Miniature Knitting {for the new Coraline movies}


Back soon, have a good one! xo


Amanda Elizabeth said...

I can't believe you were in the Sacramento area, I wish I could have seen you!!!! If you want some redwood plant like, I can gladly press and mail you some, Mr. McPorkchop & I built a super great little plant press!!! I can't *wait* to see what gorgeous stuff you come up with!!!

Jane Flanagan said...

My favourite thing about your blog is seeing your process from inspiration to swoon-worthy finished piece. I especially can't wait to see how the brown leaves turn out!