Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time machine...

Whilst clearing out my sideboard yesterday {and boy, I was brutal... I have cleared more than 14 black bin bags from the house in the last few days!} I found these leaves pressed in an old little notebook, right at the back.

I was throwing it away and it was sheer fluke that I found them... reminding me in a heartbeat of a holiday in Provence several years ago now when I gathered them in the blazing heat one sleepy afternoon...

I guess that is the thing about clearing out. Every little thing is linked with a memory, or a person... it's very hard to be strict with yourself and not just turn into a pack-rat!

BUT, a clear flat = a clearer mind... which I could totally do with ;)

Bon weekend, all.

p.s. my clearout/cleaning music?? Kings of Leon ;)

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Vivienne Percy said...

And now I can breathe!. My girl has got her mojo back, prompted by clearing out together and now some new photographs. Fun to look at the old memories together. Even funnier to see the really old photographs!! :-\
I think you have beaten that swiney flu and are at last on the road to recovery. Well done for all the clearout.... lots of new memories to be made! Lots of love