Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am so happy with my little plug plants - I picked these up in the supermarket where they were reduced to 35 pence and 45 pence! All these plants for under a pound - isn't that great!? I just planted them out into bigger pots a week ago and they have positively exploded... we even have a flower already!

I also have two blueberry plants and a cream Magnolia, along with 2 hydrangeas {which have struggled since they came home from Ikea a month or so ago - boo!} to plant out, so I am choosing pots and trying to find a moment to get that done in amongst all our clearing out/packing! We have started some sunflower seeds on our windowsill and every time Mister Bell is at the sink he calls out... 'another one's up'... it was five this morning, and now (9pm) we have 8... and leaves.

Feeling very chuffed at this point ;)

This is the first time I have had a garden as an adult - always living in apartments does limit that somewhat, so I can't wait to get stuck into this lovely space! It's really big {with wild garlic growing up at the back - which we maybe need to find a recipe for?} and has a great big I'll be starting with lots of pots and creating some beds and see where that takes me.

Herbs are a must too - as the garden is just out from our kitchen...and even though Ryan says they're "boke"- I am listening to him as much as I ever do, and he will certainly be enjoying many dinners cooked with them from now on. Probably long as it's not coriander {aka: his nemesis}.

I am so scared of having a black thumb, I am flexing my green fingers oh-so gingerly! ;)

I promise to share my progress, and am looking forward to many of the blooms I am trying to grow winding their way into my jewellery designs, or into my drawings for our homewares!

What's been good for you in the garden so far this year? Any tips for a newbie?? ;)

More soon!


island sweet said...

i know how much nature inspires you in your work and love that this inspiration will now start with a seed! my garden here in newfoundland is what slows down my speeding mind.

Vivienne Percy said...

A lovely shaped lawn, shaped - not wiggly, with good wide borders and you'll be on your way to beautiful structure and glorious shows of colour and texture.... herbs will liven up your cooking and Ryan will love it all. You'll be addicted before you know it - I think you might be already!

Katherine said...

Someone told me that you shouldn't buy plants from Ikea because they live inside a big warehouse and don't see daylight, so maybe hydrangeas (gorgeous!) from elsewhere will work better?

We have a basement flat and have a bit of patio at the front. it feels like it gets a lot of sun but not enough for a fair few herbs. I keep trying every year though.

Have fun in your garden.