Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What I have been up to...

Once again, the days are speeding by! This time, it's not through being ill - or even with very much jewellery making at all... it's been vanishing in the midst of decorating, building furniture and clearing out!

In preparation for my big across the sea hop in almost exactly four weeks time [yikes!] - we have embarked on clearing out our house in Belfast {to fit me in!} and decorating here and there. First up was our bedroom which we were swapping rooms for...and I am really delighted with it now it's finished. It's beautiful, and we are sleeping VERY soundly each night! :)

Click over to our abigail*ryan blog for a full run down on our scheme {above}...I am hearting the colours very hard!

I will be posting more clearance jewellery in the next day or so for those who are keeping their eyes out, and have a few limited edition necklaces for Spring which will be going up too. Now to find the camera chord and charger. Possibly easier said than done! ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Daffodils are up here {and in jugs in the house!} and we are getting glimpses of sunshine each day... Spring is on it's way, maybe!

I'll show you some seedlings I have coming up too - nothing like a little fresh green growth to make you feel a little brighter.

back soon,
xo A

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